Activity Dashboard on Customers Home Screen

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Real-Time Order Tracking Real-Time Order Management
  • In-process visibility to open order status
  • In-production
  • Loaded or planned for shipment
  • Single-click replenishment orders
  • Manage 'Make & Ship' and stocked orders
  • Identify 'Quick Ship' items for fast delivery
  • Identify 'My Items' to speed up entry
  • Integrated with quotes and price list
Account Status Logistics Tracking
  • Online ARaging
  • View open ivoices
  • Archive copies of signed delivery receivpts and invoices
  • View all recent and planned shipments
  • Customizable/time filtering including: This Month, Last Week, This Week, Today, etc.
  • Integrated GPStruck tracking with Google Maps
Inventory Management Integrated Reporting
  • Item details with drawing and print cards
  • Warehouse quanitiies on-hand
  • Item usage over time
  • Aged Inventory
  • Visibility to 'Quick Ship' items
  • Quality and RGAs
  • Order and inventory=based reports
  • Integrated with SSRS to allow for custom reporting
  • All screens download to Excel and PDF
  • Allows for secure document up-and-down load